About Superlock

Superlock Technologies Limited started from humble beginnings in a residential property in the Airport Area, a suburb of Accra, Ghana in the year 2003. Superlock currently operates in Uganda, Cote D’ Ivoire, Tanzania and Ghana and has five successful branches operating all over Ghana. The company started its business by trading world renowned Israeli manufactured security doors. A seven bolt geometric locking system, galvanized steel and a unique key system which cannot be duplicated, gave credence to the commonly held perception of “impenetrable, high-level Israeli security”.
The advanced technology security doors quickly gained a favourable reputation both with individuals and corporations. Based purely on demand, the company extended its product range to include: lightweight, thermal-acoustic insulated interior doors, exquisite finishing wooden doors, elegant, extra strength fixed and collapsible burglar-proofing, safety glass window glazing, special electro-static coated aluminium Hand Rail, Stainless steel Hand Rail, Glass Hand Rail, Safes, Door canopies, Window blinds, Instant water heaters, a selection of padlocks and air-conditioners.
Superlock provides a complete commercial solution from the planning stages and on-site consultation to the supply of high quality products and on-site professional installations through to post-installation maintenance, top customer care and after-sales service. All technological solutions are tailor-made to specification, based on patented technologies and utilize custom-made equipment to meet each client’s unique requirements. Renowned for its excellent service delivery and quality products, Superlock partners with the world leaders in their respective fields such as ShiryonitHosem, Blocker, Electra, and Klil.
We serve various clients ranging from government institutions, corporate companies & SMEs, architects & contractors and private home owners.